Have video calls truly replaced real-life dating

While in the past video calls were mostly used for occasional catch-ups with long-distance friends and family members, this year, they practically replaced in-person communication altogether. For the last several months, even dates have mostly taken place online.

To accommodate the new reality, Hily launched the video call feature in March. Since real-life meetings were not possible, a video call became the best way to “go” on a date. As a result, many people used it in their quest for human connection in such trying times.

So are video calls going to change dating forever? Or were they just a temporary solution that we will forget once the pandemic is over? To answer these burning questions, we conducted a survey amongst its users. Our relationship expert Marisa T. Cohen designed the questions and analyzed the results, and here’s what we found out.

Because casual arrangements can be seriously complicated

While some people think holidating can’t work, others argue that you just have to know how to make it work (wink-wink, friends with benefits). If you want to try holidating and wonder how to make it successful, here are 6 holidating rules you should follow.

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Be upfront

Whether it’s an exclusive relationship, a friends with benefits situation, or holidating, you should always be upfront with each other. The other person may be totally unaware of something that seems obvious to you. To make any arrangement work out, it needs to be mutual. Otherwise, we all believe what we want to believe and keep feeding our illusions. If you’re someone who initiates a casual arrangement such as holidating, tell them what exactly you are looking for. …

How should one deal with family pressure during the holidays

Let’s just all admit that the holiday season is never as fun and peaceful as they show it in Christmas movies. For some of us, it’s spending time with people we don’t really want to hang out with. For others, it’s hearing the dreaded questions and comments about their love life (or lack thereof). You know those questions are unavoidable, yet you still get upset when you hear them. Some people go as far as “holidating” someone just for the sake of pleasing their family members.

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So how should one deal with family pressure during the holidays? Hily asked several relationship experts for their advice, and here’s what they said. …

Donate to projects promoting mental health on December 20th while watching the stream on Hily

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Hily teams up with Mental Health America (MHA) on the digital event Hily Secret Santa: Streaming for charity. The livestreamed show will take place Sunday, December 20th, on Hily dating app.

The initiative will help to raise awareness about mental health issues and gather money for MHA programs. On Sunday evening, the app will notify every user on the planet about the upcoming stream.

“We want more people to feel loved and happy in 2021. After nerve-wracking 2020, people will need more assistance in this area”, says Helen Virt, Hily’s Head Of Business Development. …

Sure, it’s on Urban Dictionary, Netflix, and BuzzFeed. But isn’t everything?

Most of you have probably first heard about holidating — or holidate, to be precise — when the. Netflix movie holidate hit the screens a few weeks ago.

As your usual Christmas romcom, it tells a story about a relationship of a skinny blond girl and a Ryan Gosling type of guy. They bond over the fact that they both hate holidays and family gatherings, especially when everyone starts asking them why they are still single. To make the whole ordeal a bit more bearable, they agree to “holidate” each other — only hang out on holidays and pretend they are a couple. …

Tip #1: Stop comparing yourself to others

Let’s face it — dating can be challenging. That’s especially true for shy people who simply cannot find a way to overcome the anxiety of meeting new people.

However, we shouldn’t let our shyness stand in the way of true love. Instead, we should fight all stereotypes about man as loud and tough; embrace our unique self, and show it to the world.

That said, we’re going to take a look at how shy guys can combat their fears, come out of their shells and give dating a chance.

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Tip #1: Stop comparing yourself to others

An old proverb says that comparison is a thief of joy. And when we think about it more carefully, we will quickly see how true that is. By comparing ourselves to others, we inevitably harm our self-confidence and increase anxiety. …

Stream on Hily in real-time and invite your matches to join

For the last two months, we at Hily have been working on something very exciting for you guys and gals. After a couple of months of testing, we are ready to introduce a new feature — drumroll, please — Hily Live Streams, which are free and already available for our users all across the globe, both on Android and iOS.

Wondering how they work? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about streaming on Hily.

To make sure everyone enjoys our streams, we are launching not just one but two types of them.

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One-to-many streams

Aka regular live streams that you all know and love. It takes just one person to start a meaningful conversation, so Hily streams are a perfect way to introduce yourself to your future matches and show them what kind of person you are in real life. …

Read the tips to avoid toxic dates

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Have you ever met a person who’s self-centred and has no interest in recognizing anyone’s needs? They are also usually sneaky and try to gaslight you if you set your boundaries.

Although we may not want to deal with those, sometimes we have to. We might even fall in love with those charming narcissists. Yes, that’s what we usually call them even though they might not have an actual mental condition (narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) but are very difficult to have relationships with.

So together with Dr Angela Smith, a forensic and relationship psychologist, we created a short guide on how to identify and manage somebody who has highly narcissistic traits or indeed is a narcissist. …

Don’t let lousy dating experiences drag you down.

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Some first dates have one thing in common: they can be a massive waste of time. It’s easy to get disappointed since you’re investing a lot of time and effort without getting back much in return.

However, don’t let bad dating experiences drag you down. There are ways we can maintain a positive attitude and win the dating game! As an experienced Matchmaker & Relationship expert, Lisa Clampitt is going to address the NUMBER ONE issue she hears all the time, which is: How to Stay Positive After Numerous Dating Experiences?

Tip #1: Take responsibility

The first tip is to stop making a victim of yourself. Instead, track your dating patterns and take responsibility for your dating life — for bad and good. …

Can you tell when someone isn't honest?

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According to the statistics, the average person lies 1.65 times a day. Usually, those are all white lies we tell someone to make us look better, avoid hurting others’ feelings, etc. We lie intentionally and unintentionally in every aspect of our life, and lying on dating websites is no exception.

That said, together with Dr. Terri Orbuch, The Love Doctor, we will walk you through some tips and strategies to know if someone is lying or not being genuine when you’re dating online!

Lies just don't work.

Like many people, you might be tempted to lie about your weight to your online crush. Yes, it's not a big lie, you plan on shedding off those pounds until you meet them anyway. But think about it, do you want to start your relationship with a lie? Your date will meet you in person and realize you are not who you said you were. The bottom line is, why do we lie to ourselves and others when the truth actually attracts others to us, says Dr. …


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