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10 Best Movies Where Love Wins

Movies That Will Cater To Your Romantic Heart

Even though most romantic movies are created by brilliant writers behind the silver screen, fiction brings to light our true feelings about love. We want love to win, that doesn’t always happen in real life so we reach for the remote and type “love” or “romance” into our search browser. By watching an uplifting or tragic depiction of how love can conquer all it gives us hope that these stories can happen to us in real life. Love stories promote a sense of hope in our hearts that even the most down on their luck, loveless person can spark tinges of a future with love in it. Everyone deserves love, no matter how silly or outlandish the story that leads us to one another is, it all ends with love.

Below are ten love-worthy romantic movies that have it all; everything from tragic accidents to classic meet-cutes on the New York City streets. There are some unlikely characters among some of the cast members in these ten films but it all seems to play out nicely in the end. Whether a couple ends up together forever or just for a moment in time, fierce love is there, with every couple. Sometimes a happy ending can mean that you have had an intense love in your life and now it is gone. Doesn’t the saying always go, “it is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all.” With all of that being said, here are ten of the most romantic films you can truly feel love radiate across the entire storyline. Enjoy a few of these this weekend, by yourself, with a friend, or the love of your life to elicit that warm fuzzy feeling we all get from watching someone’s love journey unfold.

Me Before You (2016)

A caregiver in a loveless relationship falls for her paraplegic patient Will, whilst caring for him. Will is extremely wealthy and she is not. They grow to love one another and have a deep connection. Will decides to end his life because he cannot live the life he wants anymore. Although their love for one another cannot save him, she learns to move on and live a life he would have been proud of.

The Fault In Our Stars (2014)

To young adults find love with one another in a cancer support group. ALthough the story takes you on their various dates and leads you to believe that Hazel will die before Augustus, that is unfortunately not the fate that ends the story. Another tragedy glittered with the hint of love. To most of us all of the sad love stories may seem brief but true love can last forever, even after it is gone.

The Notebook (2004)

Told from the point of view of a journal entry read by a man to his elderly wife with Alzheimer’s Disease. At first the story starts with a young man and woman from different classes. Allie is from a rich family and Noah is a low class guy living with his father. Both of them fall madly in love with each other but they are torn apart by their differences. Eventually fate brings them together again and they live a life filled with love and laughter into old age until sickness befalls Allie and Noah must read her journals to her so she can remember the love that they have shared.

Titanic (1997)

Now this love story is very short lived, however the love that Jack and Rose share lives on for a lifetime. Another story of a couple divided by class, Rose a high class woman and Jack a low brow conman meet eyes while they are on the Titanic. The couple gets to spend barely a few days together but they fall madly in love and become inseparable. Unfortunately, their ship hits an iceberg and sinks. Rose and Jack are left floating in the freezing ocean. Rose is able to grasp onto a door to float to safety but Jack falls to bottom of the ocean and dies. As tragic as this love story is Rose continues to tell their story and their love lives on with her son that she conceived with Jack just before his death.

Love Actually (2003)

A tangled saga of nine couples, searching for love, dealing with temptation, learning, and growing. Although there are many different stories about many and varied things they all seem to come to be about the same thing in the end; Love. Watching this film will show you all the different ways that love exists.

Pretty Woman (1990)

‘Big Mistake, HUGE!” One of the most iconic lines from this film to date. Pretty woman is a tale of a prostitute turned lady. A man buys a woman for a date night, this man is very wealthy and takes very good care of her. He soon develops loving feelings for this woman and “hires” her for a week to have her around for dates and dinners. She settles into a nice life of leisure but then when the week is over falls back into her old ways. The man decides to save her from living such a rotten life and ends up taking care of her so she can go back to school. This is a different kind of love than you see in other movies. This is not a passionate, torrid affair. He loves her so deeply and saves her like a knight in shining armour so that she can have a better life.

Sleepless In Seattle (1993)

A single father trying to get back out their after the death of his wife and a woman in a boring relationship with a man named Walter meet by chance when the man’s son calls into a radio show telling the host his father’s need for a good woman that is worthy of him because he is dating women that just aren’t good enough. The woman hears the radio call and falls in love with the sweet candor of the young boy talking so dearly about his father. Eventually, Jonah, the son sneaks off to New York City to meet this woman on behalf of his father and becomes the matchmaker that his father needed. The love of a son for his father helps navigate us through this heartwarming film about love of family and second chances after love loss.

Sex In The City (2008)

Based on the television series this movie follows four women and their ups and downs with love in New York City. The main character Carrie Bradshaw plans her wedding with Big and he unfortunately leaves her at the altar. Devastated, Carrie and her friends figure out life after the non-wedding. Carrie and Big have been together on and off for the past ten years. Fate brings them back together and they marry in the end with all of their friends surrounding them. This film is not just about the love that Carrie and Big share, it is about the love Carrie’s friends have for one another and that all relationships are complex and need support and understanding, and a Cosmo doesn’t hurt much either.

You’ve Got Mail (1998)

Just as the internet is beginning to be used by the general population, two people meet online and exchange emails without knowing the true identity of one another. They fall for each other but realize that they are in fact business rivals. Does love conquer all or will their businesses come between them?

50 First Dates (2004)

Set in beautiful Hawaii, Henry and Lucy have a meet-cute in the middle of a road when she gets a flat tire. They fall for one another but the next day when Henry tries to find Lucy but she remembers nothing of him. Henry finds out that Lucy was in a car accident and can only remember things that happened before her accident. Throughout the entire film it is the heartbreaking and heartwarming journey of Henry making Lucy fall in love with him everyday again and again.

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