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10 Romantic Christmas Ideas

Both Gifts And Experiences You Can Share This Holiday Season

Whether you have millions or just a few bucks nothing says ‘I Love You’ like a thoughtfully romantic present. No time is better for romance than the holidays. Give your lady a treat this holiday season and choose one of these ten romantic ideas for Christmas.

  1. A Romantic Weekend Away

Pick a local city and take a road trip to a cozy cabin away. No need for plane tickets, just a bit of driving to get you out of your normal routine. It doesn’t always matter where you go but the company that you keep. A nice weekend away with the one that you love far from your city limits is so relaxing as well as romantic.

2. Ski Trip

This is a romantic choice for the couples that lead an active lifestyle. What could be more romantic than stealing kisses on the ski lift with falling snow all around you as well as snuggling up with a glass of wine by the fire in the lodge after a long day of hitting the slopes.

3. Lace Pajamas

This gift is a win win. Win for her because she will love a comfy new pair of jammies and win for you because you will get to see her walk around in them around the house with a cheerful smile because she is so comfortable and sexy.

4. Spa Gift Set

Women love to relax, show her that you care and want her to relax after all the hard work she puts in on a daily basis. She works hard all day and sometimes needs a nice bath to relax, if you gift her with some bath bombs and fragrant lotions. You can even massage her with the new lotions you just gifted her with to show how much you care.

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5. Fashion Rings

Every woman loves jewelry and why not show off some shopping skills that you have by getting them a fashionable ring to accent some of the outfits that they have already. This will show that you pay attention to what they wear and what they enjoy. By purchasing a piece of jewelry there is a message of romance sent her way.

6. Cooking Class

Cooking is a task that is done everyday because well, we have to eat. So why not turn the mundane everyday task of cooking into a romantic experience that you can share together every time you cook. Taking a cooking class will teach you a new skill and create an opportunity for a new hobby with your loved one.

7. Perfume

Everyone loves to smell good. So why not go the extra mile and smell great! Your partner will love to add a new scent to their life, especially one that you have picked out yourself. Fun fact about perfume is that each scent smells different on everyone because our pheromones mix with the scent and create a unique scent of our own.

8. Carriage Ride

If it snows where you live then this will be a romantic treat for you and your partner. A horse drawn carriage ride through your city whilst the snow falls upon your noses. Yes, it will be a bit cold but all the more reason to snuggle up and watch the view of your city together while you waltz through the streets in a carriage under a warm blanket.

9. Wine & Chocolate Tasting

Take your lover on a tour of Europe with some wine and chocolate pairings that you have set up all on your own so that you can have the vineyard experience from the comfort of your living room.

10. Eternity Roses

Fake roses are corny, and real roses die quickly. Your solution? Venus et Fleur’s eternity roses, which can last up for a year. (They’re treated with a solution, and you have to keep them in the box.) Large Round ($500) by Venus et Fleur,

There you have it. Ten romantic ideas for this holiday season. Even if you didn’t quite get the present right this Christmas, it is not too late to shower your lady with gifts before the end of 2017. Enjoy each other and you romantic times together.

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