10 Signs That You Are Sexually Compatible

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Sexual compatibility is not just liking the same thing in bed. To be sexually compatible you need to have other factors in your relationship that create a relationship to make the bedroom such a wonderful place to be. Communication is in large part a factor of how well your sex life is. Knowing how to tell someone what you want and what you need to feel good is a huge step on the path to sexual compatibility but more importantly, listening is a key factor as well.

Understand your partner by listening to them outside of the bedroom as well as in the bedroom. By listening you can understand their wants and needs without them having to spell them out. This makes you catering to them even more alluring and sexy because it is as if you are a mind reader but you are actually just taking hints from your day to create a relaxing and sensual experience for them. Here are ten more signs that you are sexually compatible with your partner.

  • You Catch His Eye From Across The Room

When you are in love with someone you feel their presence when they walk into a room. It is as if a force of nature greater than you both is pulling you towards one another. Couples that are sexually compatible are always present with each other when they are in public. No matter what situation you are in a dinner party, the grocery store, anywhere that you are together one of you catches the other out of the corner of their eye because you can feel where one another is. Not in a creepy way, but in a romantic way, the way that connects you to each other when you are making love and you can connect on a level that takes your sex to beautiful limits.

  • He Is Your Fantasy

There is no one in the news, no celebrity, no past lover, no one that is more desirable to you than him. Some couples find a need to watch a porn to get their juices flowing or even fantasize about another person while they are making love. But when he is your fantasy this makes you so much more sexually compatible than other couples because what you desire is right in front of you. You can feel it, smell it, touch it. When the man that you love is also the man of your dreams then you can consider yourself one lucky lady.

  • Can’t Keep Your Hands Off One Another

Sometimes there are those couples that just can’t stop kissing and tickling and touching. Those are the people that have a great sex life. It seems cheesy for the lovey dovey couples to also have it good in the bedroom but it makes sense doesn’t it? If you can’t keep your hands off someone in front of everyone imagine what fireworks can happen behind closed doors.

  • He Always Makes You Feel Beautiful

Every woman has her “off” days. The days that you feel less than acceptable to present yourself to the outside world, but somehow the man in your life always makes you feel beautiful, even on your worst days. He sees who you are on the inside so what you look like without makeup or washed hair doesn’t matter to him because your soul hasn’t changed. Lipstick doesn’t define how beautiful we are it is how we feel and how other people make us feel that makes us feel beautiful. If a man can do that for you then he will absolutely make you feel sexy in the bedroom because he knows you and knows exactly how to make you feel good.

  • You Just Get Each Other

What does it mean when people get each other. Well, for some it means that they can finish each other’s sentences and for others it could mean that you know that when your partner is having a bad day, sending them a cupcake and a latte will turn it around so when they come home all will be well. No matter what version of “getting each other” you have, if you have it then you will have it in the bedroom. Sexual compatibility translates from your daily life when you get each other because you can do things without uttering a word and that makes them all the more sexy. When someone knows exactly what you want and need in the bedroom before you can even think of it yourself.

  • He Makes You Nervous

The butterflies never stop. Being in love in the beginning is fresh and makes you feel some kind of way. But for a couple to have nervous feelings with one another months or even years later then they must have sexual compatibility because the nerves make you perform better in bed, you are settling because you know what to do to make them happy. You are nervous so you aim to please every time and you try new things to keep it fresh.

  • Great Communication

Just like anything in a relationship, it all boils down to good communication. A couple that can talk about anything will be extremely comfortable to try anything in the bedroom as well. Or not try for that matter because they will have the ability to articulate how they feel about certain positions or experiences that they want or do not want when you have sex. Talking in the daylight will help the talking in the night time.

  • You Never Give Up

Don’t get comfortable. Never stop dating your partner. Just because you are happy doesn’t mean that it will stay that way. In order to maintain some element of sexual compatibility never give up on each other. There is always something to learn or something new to try and experience with one another. If you are keep one another the focus of your life rather than work or chores then you will not lose your fire in the bedroom. Once you put something other than them as first in your life then you will no longer be able to put their needs in the bedroom first either because your mind will not be all in. Never give up on each other and always fight for love so that every night you are together is like the first time.

  • Tension Is Alive Outside The Bedroom

Just because you are in a relationship doesn’t mean you have to stop flirting with them. You have won but the race has just begun. Don’t act like you have won, keep trying and keep an element of secrecy and surprise alive in your life so that they are taunted by the mystery and enigma that is you. Flirt when you are at the grocery store, and don’t pee in front of them. Keeping some things private is a good thing. You want to be seen as a sexual being, not a hot mess. Keeping some tension alive outside the bedroom can be extremely healthy for your love life.

  • Enjoy The Journey Not The Destination

He knows what you like and you know what he likes but an orgasm is the end goal and just because you know the fasted route doesn’t mean that you should not take the scenic route once in a while. Sex, just like life should be about the journey not the destination. Take your time and do what you know one another likes, sexual compatibility is not always about liking the same thing it is about being on the same page.

Now What?

Take what you have learned from this fun little article and use it in your daily life with your partner. If you are not sexually compatible now, you should be soon! It is never too late to learn about one another and the more you learn the more compatible you will become. Take your time with your lover and have fun.

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