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10 Things To Buy Before You Invite A Girl Over

Picture Frames

Put a little thought in your decor. Hanging posters or photos with tape is so college. If you want to be scene as an adult then put some thought into your wall decor and frame some pictures or posters to present yourself a little bit more formally.

Trash cans

Make sure that you have a trash can in every bathroom as well as the kitchen. A kitchen trash can with a lid is important so that you don’t have a lingering smell around to gross her out. Trash cans in the bathroom are a must, especially for your lady guests.

Basic Kitchen Supplies

A pot, a spatula, oven mitts, dish soap, pretty much common sense items for your kitchen but you would be surprised how many men do not have any of these things. Bachelor pads are charming but but there is nothing charming about a sink with no sponge.

Music Player, non-computer

Invest in a bluetooth speaker. You can easily connect it from your phone and you will look more together than scrambling to your laptop or desktop computer.


There doesn’t need to be a lot, just one or two to add a home-feel to your place. They have man scent candles so you don’t have to have a peony scented living room either. Candles aren’t just for girls and they help set the mood.

First Aid Kit

Everyone gets cuts and scrapes and you don’t want your lady getting hurt on your watch but sometimes it happens. It can be the most basic kit for only a few bucks at the drugstore. Low investment but high reward if you end up needing it.

Extra Linens

Adults have more than one set of sheets. Nothing fancy but if you have a lady staying over you should have fresh sheets and another fresh set on deck for the next night if things get physical. No one wants to sleep on old sex sheets.


Hand soap at every sink in your house. Don’t be the guy that looks like he only rinses his hands. Regardless of the reality you should have some antibacterial soap near every sink so that you and her can wash your hands like every person should.

Cleaning Supplies

Clorox wipes and some windex are all you really need. You don’t have to look like you run a maid service but just enough basic cleaning supplies to create the illusion that you care about the cleanliness of your apartment.

A Plant

Keeping something alive is important. It is a metaphor for you caring nature and that is one way to impress the ladies.

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