3 Reasons You Should Give Hily's New Compatibility Check A Try

You and your crush may not be similar but it doesn't mean you're not compatible.

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Isn’t it boring to date a carbon copy of yourself?
Well, it’s also impossible to find one.

We do believe they are as important as similarities when it comes to dating!

Dr. Cilona who matched singles on the “Married At First Sight” show, thinks so too:

“Potential compatibility in relationships is more complex than just similarities, it’s also important to look at how two people might be complementary to each other. The new Compatibility Check Feature analyses how two people might be complementary, not just how they might be similar.

For example, someone who prefers to be a nurturer and their partner to be more of a protector would be a much better fit with someone with that complementary trait rather than the similar trait of being a nurturer".

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1. It Counts Not Only Similar But Also Complementary Traits You Two Have

Yeah, we want to dwell on it a bit more. 86% of our users do believe that opposites can attract. We're also supportive of those remaining 14% who picture themselves only with similar partners.

That's why te first question of the quiz establishes what you value more: similarities or complementary differences. This answer impacts the way all the other questions are evaluated.

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2. It Helps You Get To Know People Before Even Matching

The new feature allows you to check if any user fits you BEFORE swiping right (or left) on them.
Learn more about this user! The results will show you what kind of person they are and what they expect from their relationships.

3. It Provides You With Great Conversation Starters

You and your match will have a lot to talk about after you get the results! So, no more awkward opening lines.

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40 questions on the quiz refer to your relationship orientation, personality traits, lifestyle, communication style and some other personal preferences (like sex, religion and values).

The first 20 are the most important and enough to get the results.

You need to answer the questions just once — to be able to check your compatibility with others. After you've done that — press a "Compatibility Check" button on their profile.

The system will show you a few points you got in common and a detailed description of your prospective relationship.

There is an unlimited number of checks for you — till March 31st! Get on Hily and look for your compatible other!

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Liked the feature?
Tried it and got any feedback?
Let us know at hily@hily.com

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