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4 Things to Never Joke About With a Man

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Hair Loss

Some men lose their hair sooner rather than later. Not all those bald beauties choose to style their hair like that. Men should not be afraid of what their hair looks like to their loved ones. Hair loss is very emasculating and they don’t need something they love and trust joking around about their shiny head.


So you are the breadwinner, huh? Well, even though it is the 21st century and it should not matter who brings home the bacon. Men still get pretty sensitive about how much money they bring home. You would think they would be proud of you for getting a great job but their deep rooted hunter and gatherer emotions are heartbroken that they can’t provide for you like you can provide for you.

His Junk

No matter what the size is, enjoy it because it is his. Making fun of a man’s penis size is the lowest of the low. I shouldn’t even have to be writing this, it should be common knowledge not to critique your man’s manhood. Whatever he is packing don’t mention the size unless you are talking about how big it is.

Mother Dearest

Don’t mess with a boy and his mama. There is a sacred bond between a mother and son and no matter how horrible she may be at times, she is still his mother. Also, she is family like it or not, family is forever and you can’t change that so just leave talk about the mama off the table.

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