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5 Best Christmas Date Ideas

  • Christmas Tree Farm

Walk down the aisles and aisles of trees holding hands under the cover of snow while you pick out a big beautiful tree to put in your living room. The bite of cold in the air will draw you closer to one another and make the chill in the air seem not so bad. Nothing is more romantic than holding hands under snow among a lot of gorgeous evergreens.

  • December Movie Kickoff

Many people consider the day after Thanksgiving the beginning of Christmas. Take your partner and plop yourselves on the couch in front of the television with your favorite Christmas film to kickoff the holiday season!

  • Cookie Competition

The title speaks for itself, bake a ton of Christmas cookies together and compete to see who has made the best creations. Let’s be honest you both win, I mean, cookies…everyone wins, YUM!

  • Decorate Your House

Turn on some Christmas music and go up in the attic to bring down all of your Christmas decorations. Trim the tree and decorate the mantel together to get in the spirit. Don’t let Christmas decorating be a chore, turn it into a date and make it a tradition for years to come.

  • Hot Chocolate Crawl

Pub crawls are cool with it is summer time but with a chill in the air I would like something a little warmer. Find the town’s top hot chocolate places and try them all in one afternoon. Similar to a pub crawl, except this one will just give you a sugar rush not a hangover.

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