5 Best Reads On Dating and Love

How you can teach yourself the art of dating

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Many of us are struggling with the idea of a romantic relationship. Some don't have the best role models others quite frankly need a therapist (but often can't afford one) Thankfully, there's a solution! Books! A tried and true companion when you need advice or just some self-reflexion. Here is the list that we trust, will be the go-to for everyone looking to change their dating dynamic.

Dating: Secrets for Introverts
James W. Williams, Michael Hatak

Approaching a girl or a guy for the first time is challenging but it’s even more frightening for introverts. This book was initially meant for shy men. However, we think that everybody who would like to take initiative (but is somewhat afraid to) can find something interesting in there. “Dating: Secrets for Introverts” author doesn’t want to transform you into someone you’re not. The book just gives straightforward advice on how to keep a conversation going, come up with date ideas and many other things that can lead to active dating life.

Labor of Love: The Invention of Dating
Moira Weigel

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Another great book on modern dating culture. "Labor of Love" was written in response to the ongoing rhetoric that dating as we know it is dying. We bet your parents told you that your way of dating is not dating at all. However, Moira Weigel can prove that dating is not dead; it’s just constantly evolving. The only thing that stays the same is the work we put into it. This book elaborates on the origins of heterosexual dating culture and its evolution over the last century. It also focuses on recent decades when online dating became popular. We promise it is really interesting.

“Love requires openness. The point is to be changed by, and to witness change in, one another. Slowly, this back-and-forth transforms the shared reality we call the world. Love is less noun than verb: not a thing to get, but a process to set in motion.”

"Modern Romance"
Aziz Ansari, Eric Klinenberg

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This New York Times bestseller is actually a research book written by a stand-up comedian and a sociologist. Ansari faced major controversy with allegations of sexual misconduct. Despite that, he's been able to record a Netflix special where he somewhat addressed the accusations.

"Modern Romance" is based on thorough analysis. The book puts a hilarious spin on dating especially for couples of different cultural backgrounds. Did you know that Japanese singles are not that interested in sex? Yes, you've read that right! The book explores different angles and confronts dating dilemmas in the digital age.

“Sometimes there’s another reason that people take so long to text you back: They aren’t playing mind games or busy. They’re just GOOGLING THE FUCK OUT OF YOU.”

"Riding Solo: How to Embrace Being Single and Prepare to Find Mr. Right"
Gregg Michaelsen

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It seems, that everybody (including your mother) enjoys lecturing you about personal life. 'Have you found a good guy yet?' This book teaches you that you don't need a man to be happy. So it's not only about the relationships; it's about women's self-confidence. The author gives women the ability to recognize a guy for what he actually is not who he seems to be. 'Riding Solo' is full of useful takeaways on how to embrace being single.

"The Art Of Loving"
Erich Fromm

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Who hasn't heard about The Art Of Loving? Written by a famous psychoanalyst in the 50s, it has become a must-read international bestseller. Erich Fromm explores different aspects of love, not only the romantic ones but erotic, brotherly, self-love and others. Just pick up this book and get to know about this all-consuming love, "the answer to the problem of human existence" which every one of us is so eager to find.

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