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5 Don’ts For Dating A Single Mom

Don’t Ask To Meet Her Kids

She will decide when she is ready to introduce you to her kids. There is never a right time to ask to meet her children. You can ask about them though, show interest but just wait for her to feel comfortable to bring them around when she is ready.

This man is the father of her children, but they are not together anymore for a reason. They will always have a special bond because of the kids they have together. Don’t be jealous of her ex and don’t try to step in his place either.

Single moms are busy with so many things that are more important. Her children will always come first. Don’t get all worked up if she waits 2 hours to answer your text message. She was probably finishing up some work or tending to the needs of the tiny humans that depend on her. She will get to you when she gets to you.

It may seem like a compliment, but it is not. “Mother” and “Fuck” should not be used to describe anyone let alone a woman that you are trying to impress. You can tell her how beautiful and smart she is and what a great mother she is.

A single mother will always choose her children over you. Not in a mean way but in a mama bear way. She will always go to a baseball game or recital over a date and you can’t be mad about something like that. You can however applaud her dedication to her family and be understanding to make up the date another time.

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