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5 “Do’s” For Dating A Single Mom

Do Acknowledge Their Kid(s)

You don’t always have to talk about their children but it is good to acknowledge them in conversation. Although a mom is on a date to get away she doesn’t want you to ignore the fact that she has a child.

Do Offer To Pay For The Sitter Occasionally

Similar to paying for a meal when you go on a date it is a nice gesture to offer to pay for the babysitter once in awhile. This is because you are also reaping the benefits of the sitter’s services so why no offer to contribute?

Do Always Assume The Child Comes First

Her child will always be her number one priority. No matter how serious you become, her child will come first and that is something that you need to understand and not fight about. Her child was there first after all!

Do Get To Know The Child If Acquainted

If you are lucky enough to meet her child, do get to know them. Go to sporting events that they may have or show interest in school projects. You are creating a family and you need to be able to relate to their kids because you may be a step parent to them someday.

Do Ask About Her Other Interests

Nothing is more annoying to a mother than when she is out on the town trying to relax and all there is to talk about is her child. Yes, she will want that to be a majority of the chit chat at first but she has other interests than just parenting. Ask her about them.

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