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5 Reasons To Try Couples Counseling

If You Feel You Need It

  • You Keep Having The Same Arguments

You and your partner begin to sound like a broken record. The same fights occur over and over again. Even though the underlying issue may appear to be resolved, it truly is not and that is why fights keep coming up. Therapy is a good way to take hold of the real issue and solve it for good so that you and your partner can move forward together.

“Our partner might do something that evokes memories of being bullied, betrayed, or falsely accused in the past and we are actually reacting to our history rather than to what is actually happening now” — Jodee Virgo, Relationship Blogger

  • Money Differences

One of the biggest things to fight about is money. Whether it is how to spend it, how to save it, or what have you. Couples that disagree on what to do with money would fair well in therapy because a counselor or therapist can be a third party opinion to break down what is important and what is not.

  • Sex Life Shift

You used to go at it like animals but now it is down to missionary position every other Saturday. What happened? Do you love each other less? Is the fire gone? Therapy is a good way to find out and reignite that passion you once had.

  • An Affair Occurred

The main reason couples seek counseling is to save a relationship after an affair. There is hope for relationship recovery after one of you has an affair. If both parties are willing to forgive and move on then therapy may just be the solution that saves your marriage.

“Maintaining a healthy, happy relationship requires us to make choices that leave our ego behind and to act in the best interest of our relationship rather than just our self.” -Jodee Virgo, Relationship Blogger

  • You Are Thinking About Break Up

Regardless if either of you have been in a bad place or not, if divorce has ever crossed your mind you would do yourselves a favor in seeking help. Just because you go to therapy it does not mean that your relationship is doomed. On the contrary, therapy helps save your relationship and refresh it for the life ahead.

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