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5 Things Every Woman Wants In A Man

Amateurs Need Not Apply

Every woman is different and so is every man. There is no perfect formula to create the ideal male because it is a case by case basis. Some women may seek adventure and others may want a large family with a man that can provide. Nevertheless, most women can agree that they ALL want these five qualities in a man.

  1. Sense Of Humor

A man that can make you laugh is the most attractive quality by far. Who doesn’t love to laugh? Life is so serious sometimes you need a partner that can keep you laughing, even through the difficult times.

2. Kind And Caring Heart

He doesn’t have to rescue puppies from burning buildings but he does need to be kind and charismatic to those around him, especially you. A man with a kind heart will be considerate of your feelings in all situations and take care of you in your times of need.

3. Honesty

No one likes a liar, so this is a clear option for a wanted quality in a man. An honest man is someone that will always tell you the truth and never betray you. Honesty and loyalty go hand and hand. If you are looking for someone with the heart for commitment then an honest man is where you will find one.

4. Loving

A loving man but in a way that is not just passion. A man can show that he is loving by holding the door open for you or even just holding your hand while you walk down the street. Little things that add a little perk to your day to show that he loves you.

5. Making You Feel Special

Women want a man to make them feel special. Showering her will compliments and never taking her for granted. Men that can make a woman feel special in any circumstance is a keeper!

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