5 topics to avoid on the dating app

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How many times did you want to block a person you are texting with because of all the awkward conversations they have been making? We have all been there, and let’s admit it — we have been those people who make these awkward conversations happen. But here on Hily, we learn from mistakes and below we are suggesting you five topics to avoid while texting someone you are interested in

How Long It Has Been Since You Had Sex

Especially if it’s been a really, really long time or if it just happened. Talking about a long dry spell is sad and will make your date wonder if you are perhaps bad at sex. Talking about sex you’ve had recently is more information than is called for. Talking about the sex you’ve had with other people is irrelevant to the date you are on, assuming that part of your dating goal is to find a new person who might, in the future, have sex with you.

Recent Surgeries

Detailed rundowns of lumpectomies, ultrasounds, mole removal, lap band surgery, any surgery whatsoever, don’t make for pleasant conversation. It’s awkward to listen to someone you’ve just met talk about their health issues, because you want to be sympathetic while also desperately wishing you weren’t hearing about it. It also might have the effect of reminding the person you are texting they need to call their grandparents, which isn’t particularly fun or hot, either.

Your past relationship / marriage

While this is a fine — and necessary — topic once you’re more intimately acquainted, the person you are texting should feel like he or she is the focus of your conversation — not the ghost of a past relationship.

Problems with kids and family

Again, this is too much, too soon. Complaining about relatives (even when warranted) can make you seem critical and stodgy while texting. Let them get to know you better before unloading familial drama.


Texting about finances — both positively and negatively — is very off-putting to most people. And never, ever, complain about the cost of the date if you’re the one paying. It makes the other person feel like you regret texting them.

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