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5 Types Of Men On Dating Sites

Are Any Of Them Worthy Of Your Time?

Dating apps all have their stereotypes. There is a complex method as to which you can separate individuals…umm just kidding the different types of men on dating sites are very clear. All of them can be sorted into five different types of men on dating sites. There are the workout buffs, the commitment fearing, the sex toys, the second choices, and the most classic; the player. There is a type for everyone, or is there? I put a few types together and you can decide whether or not you fit with one of them or have dated one in the past. Take a look around your dating app and see if you can spot one of these types, like a where’s Waldo of dating.

1. The Crossfit Guy

Your filtered display changes once you click “healthy” or “fit” lifestyle to narrow down your choices for potential male suitors on your dating app. Although sometimes you need to be careful what you wish for. As “healthy” can mean a myriad of things. Does he work out everyday, does he meal prep, is there no room for donuts in his life? When you start talking you will know soon enough if he is extreme or not. If you are too then great! Crossfitters will tell each other within the first few seconds of chatting. Hell, crossfitters tell the mailman they do crossfit.

2. The Magician

Dating is all fun and games until the talks you share with one another start to get serious. Casual coffee dates you share with one another talking about your favorite bands. This soon transitions to dinners over candlelight with whispers about what you would name your children, or subtle hints towards a wedding and POOF! Just like that he is gone. He performs a disappearing act similar to those that Houdini performed. Just when the relationship begins to get the tinsy bit serious, he vanishes. Your phone falls radio silent and he disappears without a trace. Nothing you did was wrong, he just has commitment issues that are seeded so deep down that you could in no way predict his disappearance.

3. The Fuckboi

The title of this type is clear. He is a dum-dum that is just looking to bang. He gets straight to the point and tells you he wants to get down and dirty. This is the guy that you date that texts you at 11pm to “Netflix & Chill” but we all know what that means. He is a toy, a plaything, an object. There is no real future when it comes to fuckboi’s. They are just a fun way to pass the time.

4. The Runner-Up

The “boy next door” that you keep in your favorites just to be safe. When the hottie you were chatting with for the past two weeks turns out to be not so great, you scroll through your “runner’s up” to find your next date. These are the guys that you see with pristine profiles and perfectly manicured photos but there is something missing, he just doesn’t have that spark that pulls you in like the others. However, he is the safe choice, the runner-up, but he will never be the one.

5. The Player

Last but not least, the oldest type in the book; the player. A player is a man that has more than one burner going on his stove. He is not satisfied with just one woman and likes to play the field. Sometimes a woman might be fine with dating a player because she wants a simple, non committal relationship. However, most women do not like being played and do not look for this and it just happens rather than by choice. Players are just in it for the game, hence the type name: player. It is fun for them and this type of man is not looking to settle down whatsoever. Good luck trying to make an honest man out of one of these guys.

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