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5 Types Of Women That Men Tend To Avoid

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There are many different types of women but there are five types in particular that men tend to avoid in order to remain in a good place. Some women can be too annoying, some clingy, and some are straight crazy. How can you tell if the woman you want to date is one of these types. Well, there is the serial flirters, the too soon marriage talkers, the stage five clingers, the party girls and the drama queens. Let me break down the types and show you have to navigate the diverse ocean of women that are out there to avoid any heartbreak or unnecessary pain and suffering.

1. Serial Flirters

People treat flirting as a sport, a game of sorts. Not to lead anyone on but just because flirting can be fun. Women in particular may use their sexuality to allure men and women alike just to get a boost of confidence in their life. It feels good to be noticed and paid attention to. Women may just innocently flirt to get a boost or they may in fact show genuine interest but some women are serial flirters. What even is that? Similar to serial dating, serial flirting is when a woman flirts with a man and has no intention of it leading to anything more, just a quick flirt and leave. There is a good feeling that you get when you feel sexy and alluring after flirting with someone. It is almost as if flirting gives you a high. Not everyone flirts like this. These are the women that you need to avoid. Serial flirters are different from regular women that first with you because they may have deep seeded issue that you would not know until later in the relationship. Women that are serial flirters have:

No Self-Confidence:

  • Because they have not much to think of themselves and have always been put down so when they flirt they get a boost and to continue getting that boost they flirt over and over again with different men to feel wanted and sexy. A normal feeling that they would not have if they were with the same person or no one at all. The continued flirting with strangers gives women with low or no self-confidence a feeling unlike any other.


  • Women that are known to flirt often are seen as more alluring than other women, these women exude sexuality more than others because they are setting themselves up to get complimented and flirt with. It is almost as if they are fishing for compliments and flirting is a way to get them. If you are wearing a low cut shirt is is easy to grab the eye of a man at the bar and start a conversation and flirt with him. If you are alluring you will grab attention, so beware of the sirens that will scoop you up with their sex appeal.


  • Not only should a man avoid the ever flirtatious alluring women, they need to watch out for how many different people that that woman was flirting with that night in general. Some women make it a game to see how many numbers they can get with no intention of following through. So if you are looking for something more than just some innocent flirting at the bar, beware of overly sexual women because they will take you down a path of disappointment.

2. Someone Who Talks About Marriage Too Soon

Women are usually the ones to say, “I love you” first in a relationship. They are also the ones to begin having “the talk” when it comes to walking down the aisle. Try to avoid women that talk about getting married too soon. If you are on date five and she mentions that this place would be a nice venue for your wedding…abort! She is already hearing wedding bells and you are really just getting to know each other.

“When couples first fall in love, research shows they’re in a state of euphoria that last from eight months up to two years,” says Campbell. After this period of passionate romance, your attachment to each other morphs into what experts call “companionable love” — a different type of love that’s not as obsessive.”

Avoid women that come on strong at first, there is a difference between being forward and being crazy. It is not normal to talk about a wedding after only a few months of dating. It IS normal to have a mutual discussion about a year or so into things. Avoid women that talk about weddings so much because they could be planning yours the day you meet and no one wants someone that is only in it for the ceremony and not the relationship. Think hard and set emotional boundaries with your partner so that you do not cross that bridge until it is time and comfortable for both of you.

3. Clingy Women

Clingy women are also sneaky women. They come on strong and shower you with gifts and sexual favors to please you and knab you from the start. Don’t be fooled by all of the treats and favors she is giving you. There is a chance she is just like that but more times than not she is setting up to trap you.

“The number one trait of a clinger is that of neediness. She will text you constantly because she is seeking attention. She will ask why you didn’t reply quickly, she will subtly, or otherwise, ask your whereabouts.”

Once she has you she will sneak into your business and infiltrate your life. Avoid this type of woman by looking for these early signs and taking preemptive measures.

4. The Party-Girl

Ke$ha wannabes. That is truly the best way to describe a party girl. Party girl is not always there trying to hook up with someone or be noticed she is just there to party. Doing molly, shots, and God knows what else to get her energy pumping. Due to the fact that we now live in a “hook-up culture” it is very unlikely for a girl to freely dance and party with her friends without people assuming the worst. Unfortunately, the odds are stacked against you, making it harder for a girl to go out, have a few drinks, dance on a bar, and not be judged and labeled.

5. A Drama Queen

The so called “center of attention” is typically who the drama queen label falls on. Not always are personality disorders a problem with this type of woman but sometimes the reason she is so sought after for attention is because she has one so beware. The most common personality disorders that you would come across in a woman on any given day are Borderline Personality Disorder, Narcissism, Sociopath, and Dependent Personality Disorder.

“Quick help guide: Look for abandonment and victim issues, extreme moods, lack of empathy, no conscience, know-it-all, self-absorption, always blames others.”

She’s the type who believes with all her heart that the world is out to get her. But don’t be fooled. Drama doesn’t just follow her — she has a way of whipping it up all by herself everywhere she goes. It’s like everyone and everything is against her, so you’ll hear nothing but how she’s the victim of everything her mind can conjure. Her problem is that she will never blame herself for what is going wrong, she is fine to stir up trouble with everyone to put on a fun show for the evening but when push comes to shove, she will not take credit for any of the trouble that she has caused for the events that occured. Dating a drama queen may be entertaining for awhile but no one wants to live their life with a narcissist. You want to be with someone that is honest and cares about other people’s feelings. Not someone that lies just to make it all about her and creates drama out of nothing to interrupt a perfectly pleasant evening just to get a rise out of you or others. You have been warned.

Now that was a little overwhelming, you may think to yourself, “what’s left” sometimes women can portray themselves as something and not actually end up being that bad so always air on the side of caution but if she seems worth it then there is no harm in giving it a try. Just remember to set boundaries so you do not end up backed into a corner with a psychopath. Hopefully after reading all of this information you can grasp the different personalities of women that are out there when you are having a night out and run into a hottie at the bar. Now you know which women to avoid and which ones are worth the time and effort. Happy searching!

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