7 Reasons Why You Are Still Single

Whether it be by choice, or by the way of the universe, you have found yourself single. Singledom seems like a bleck fate filled with single person dinner’s and lonely holidays curled up with your cats by the fireplace. Fear not! There are reasons why you are still single and by the end of this article you will understand what to do to make a change and find a partner.

Reason 1: You Are Swamped.

Life can get busy, with work, with friends, even with kids. Everyone always has something going on and it can be difficult to make time for what want from what you need. For example, you need to go to work and you need to workout but you WANT to date. Finding time within a busy schedule can be so very difficult. You need to set aside time to write out what you want in life. If that list has “partner” or “marriage” anywhere in it you need to start making dating a priority rather than a hobby or pastime. We all have 24 hours in a day and it is up to us what we decide matters enough to make time for.

Reason 2: You Value Your Independence.

Having alone time is a necessity but BEING alone is far more different a feeling than choosing to have alone time. A reason that you may still be single could be because you enjoy your independence and like doing things your way. Relationships are a lot of work and take a lot of compromise. If you are not ready to give up sole power of decision making in your life to share with someone else that is probably why you have not found that special someone yet.

Reason 3: You Need To Figure YOU Out.

Who am I? What do I like? Where am I going in life? If you wake up and think about these questions at an extent then you are probably still figuring out who YOU are and what YOU want out of life as a single person. Your goals and dreams should not always have to include another person. You are your own independent person and in order to figure out who you are as an individual you may need to remain single for awhile to date yourself before you date another person.

Reason 4: You Are Stuck On ______.

We all carry baggage with us. Family baggage, past relationship baggage, but the reason you may not have a partner yet and are still single is because you are still hung up on something or someone in your past. It is one thing to have baggage and own it and move past it. But it is a separate thing entirely if you do not take ownership of your damaged or messy past so that you can move forward. Until you can move on and remain unstuck by someone or something from your past you will remain single because you need to have a clear mind and clear heart in order to properly meet someone to spend your life with.

Reason 5: You Don’t Know What You Want.

You may not know what you want in a man or woman, but you may also not know what you want in a partner. It is imperative to not only understand what you want physically in a partner or emotionally but what you want in a partner overall. Do you want someone that is compassionate with children or animals? Do you want someone that will stay home and care for the house while your are off working a 9–5 job? Do you want someone that is close with their family? Whatever you decide, you should know before you jump into a relationship. A lot of these factors can determine the success of your relationship.

Reason 6: You Are Insecure With Your Body.

People can read how you feel about yourself. You put out vibes, and whether you understand it or not, you give off vibes about yourself and your confidence levels or lack of confidence. If you expect someone to love you, you must first love yourself. Take an exercise course with your local park district or buy yourself some new makeup to test out for a new look. Whatever you feel you struggle with whether it is your looks, your weight or what have you…do something. Take the time for self-care to boost your confidence and before you know it people will be flocking towards you with your new found self love attitude.

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