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For the last two months, we at Hily have been working on something very exciting for you guys and gals. After a couple of months of testing, we are ready to introduce a new feature — drumroll, please — Hily Live Streams, which are free and already available for our users all across the globe, both on Android and iOS.

Wondering how they work? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about streaming on Hily.

To make sure everyone enjoys our streams, we are launching not just one but two types of them.

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One-to-many streams

Aka regular live streams that you all know and love. It takes just one person to start a meaningful conversation, so Hily streams are a perfect way to introduce yourself to your future matches and show them what kind of person you are in real life. …

Read the tips to avoid toxic dates

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Photo by Fares Hamouche on Unsplash

Have you ever met a person who’s self-centred and has no interest in recognizing anyone’s needs? They are also usually sneaky and try to gaslight you if you set your boundaries.

Although we may not want to deal with those, sometimes we have to. We might even fall in love with those charming narcissists. Yes, that’s what we usually call them even though they might not have an actual mental condition (narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) but are very difficult to have relationships with.

So together with Dr Angela Smith, a forensic and relationship psychologist, we created a short guide on how to identify and manage somebody who has highly narcissistic traits or indeed is a narcissist. …

Don’t let lousy dating experiences drag you down.

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Photo by Raychan on Unsplash

Some first dates have one thing in common: they can be a massive waste of time. It’s easy to get disappointed since you’re investing a lot of time and effort without getting back much in return.

However, don’t let bad dating experiences drag you down. There are ways we can maintain a positive attitude and win the dating game! As an experienced Matchmaker & Relationship expert, Lisa Clampitt is going to address the NUMBER ONE issue she hears all the time, which is: How to Stay Positive After Numerous Dating Experiences?

Tip #1: Take responsibility

The first tip is to stop making a victim of yourself. Instead, track your dating patterns and take responsibility for your dating life — for bad and good. …

Can you tell when someone isn't honest?

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Photo by Giorgio Trovato on Unsplash

According to the statistics, the average person lies 1.65 times a day. Usually, those are all white lies we tell someone to make us look better, avoid hurting others’ feelings, etc. We lie intentionally and unintentionally in every aspect of our life, and lying on dating websites is no exception.

That said, together with Dr. Terri Orbuch, The Love Doctor, we will walk you through some tips and strategies to know if someone is lying or not being genuine when you’re dating online!

Lies just don't work.

Like many people, you might be tempted to lie about your weight to your online crush. Yes, it's not a big lie, you plan on shedding off those pounds until you meet them anyway. But think about it, do you want to start your relationship with a lie? Your date will meet you in person and realize you are not who you said you were. The bottom line is, why do we lie to ourselves and others when the truth actually attracts others to us, says Dr. …

Plus a few tips on how to spot them in real life.

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Photo by BRUNO EMMANUELLE on Unsplash

Through the history of literature and cinema, we witnessed numerous examples of love hardships. We read about Romeo and Juliet and watched the story of Ennis Del Mar and Jack Twist in “Brokeback Mountain.” We cheered for Jack and Rose to stay together and loudly cried in the name of love while watching “Notebook.”

However, even though love can cause significant pain and heartbreak, it should never leave us with empty pockets and maxed-out cards.

Most people joining dating apps seek human connection and companionship, which makes them so susceptible to scammers. Scammers usually build trust over weeks or months.

Since dating apps are an integral part of modern-day dating, we decided to help you avoid scammers and protect your hearts and pockets. …

Find out what biases are affecting your love life.

A disproportionate weight in favor or against something, which bias is, can stop us from having memorable experiences and even pose a threat to finding our true love. Sadly, many of us fall prey to biases without even realizing it. We talked to Amari Ice, a relationship coach, matchmaker, and hypnotherapist, who can help you to overcome biases in dating and find your soulmate.

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Photo by Vince Fleming on Unsplash

How to tell a difference between a bias and a non-negotiable need?

First, we need to discover whether we’re biased in dating or not. …

Sometimes ghosting is the safest choice.

For a considerate person, ghosting is not usually an option. Ghosting can cause all kinds of hard feelings, including confusion, shame, hurt, and lack of closure. Yet sometimes it can be a safe choice.

While ghosting can be viewed as a very arrogant and immature way of showing someone your lack of interest, Adina Mahalli (MCT), a certified mental health consultant and relationship, believes that at times it is absolutely okay to go with ghosting. So, when ghosting can be an acceptable retreat tactic?

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When You Need To Set Boundaries

In a perfect world, people can express themselves openly and let others know how they feel without being judged or attacked. However, the real world is not always perfect, and sometimes you meet people who don’t think you’re entitled to your own opinion. …

Hily marks the beginning of LGBTQ+ History Month

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We still have a long way to go when it comes to fighting for LGBTQ+ rights not just in the U.S. but all around the globe. We want the community to know that they are not alone. That's why Hily's coming out as an LGBTQ+ ally, encouraging its users to do the same.

Our team piled up a few tips on how to be a good LGBTQ+ ally.

Don’t assume

When you’re in the new group, do you make everyone feel included? Not assuming that everyone in the room is automatically straight — is the first step to becoming an LGBTQ+ ally.

If you caught yourself doing this, here’s a tip: avoid making assumptions about how other people identify themselves or who they are attracted to. Just take your time and get to know them. …

We start a conversation, you start the story

At Hily, we’ve always tried to make our matching process better. That’s why we are known as a “smart dating app”! We came up with a bunch of tech solutions and dozens of points by which we match our users. All of this was to help people meet the right people, we thought.

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However, at the beginning of the year, we discovered what’s really important to dating app users.

At the time, we asked 1000 of singles — what are they looking for in dating apps? Are they satisfied with how those apps work?

It took us two months to talk to all the people who wanted to share their insights. They all come to dating apps with different motivations; of course, most of them wished for relationships. However, some of them sought attention; others just downloaded dating apps “for fun,” not looking for anything (at least they said so). …

Why first love is such a big deal

Everyone remembers their first love. Your brain is flushed with all the love hormones for the first time. These feelings touch us so deeply; it’s almost impossible to forget them.

It’s not just a big deal emotionally; we bring a lot from the first serious relationship into our future love connections. We’re lucky if our first experience was healthy. However, if it was toxic or disappointing, we could repeat those patterns in other relationships.

That’s why it’s important to figure out what things — good or/and bad — you inherited from your first love connection. …


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