Careers Bring Loneliness, Dating Apps Help Us Stay Socially Afloat

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Is there life 10 km above the sea level?

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste the experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.”

Eleanor Roosevelt

You are sitting in your hotel room, your work day is through but you still have an itch to get out and explore the new city you are in for the night. Dating apps can be used not only in your hometown, but away as well. Dating while traveling can add a whole new facet to your life. Switch on your dating app and adjust the settings to your current location. Search through a few potential users and find someone that meets your needs. It is as easy as that. Most people may not think to use their app while away but it can be a source of great adventure.

Advantages Of Using Dating Apps On Business Trips

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Explore the local sites with an expert

Dating the locals in a new area for you will bring a level of expertise to your trip that would not be accessible with a simple Google search.

A reddit user from 2016 stated, {Story Link} that he meet up with a girl for dinner from a dating app and they ended up at an underground fashion show with free food and drinks. How cool is that? Would you think you would end up at a fashion show while on your business trip to Hong Kong? Most likely, not. Touching base with the locals can bring on so many more potential experiences and lifelong relationships as well.

Millennials travel an average of 6 trips throughout one calendar year

That is about a quarter of your work time spent traveling. Due to the fact that our worlds have become so small with social media and the internet, traveling is still a necessity to reach clients face to face. So why not meet with new friends while you are away also! Keeping in touch is so simple and meeting them through online dating apps can make it even more seamless.

Have company while you enjoy a sponsored night out

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Most businesses provide a per diem for each business trip. Why not spend it on a date with someone that would enjoy your company and a free meal just as much as you. This can be a sly way to take a woman or man out on a nice night on the town. You may have about one hundred dollars to spend on the company’s dollar. Swipe right for a companion to your steak dinner that is covered under your business travels. You can impress your date and save money in the process. It seems that dating while on business can up your suave factor because you are able to go to more well to do places while you are away. What a fun way to meet new people and enjoy great quality food and wine.

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Good Old Hook-up

Single travelers are everywhere. Open up your online dating app and swipe for a quickie before your presentation tomorrow morning. Who knows, there could be more than just sex in it for you if you meet the right person. If not, they do not live in your hometown so you have no fear of running into them again if you end on a sour note.

What If It’s Your Fate?

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Coffee, With A Twist

Make Your Social Life A Top Priority

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Sometimes it feels like work can consume you and swallow your social life whole. There is no need for you to be lonely in order to be successful in your career. Not only is this an immediate crisis of loneliness but lack of sex brings low birth-rates. Japan’s birth rate is predicted to fall one third by 2065. The analysis conducted last year by the National institute of researches in area of population and social defence showed: 70% of unmarried men and 60% of unmarried women in Japan does not have a pair and does not conduct sexual life. Reasons are asexualness as trend, loneliness, unwillingness to create family. It led to a low level of birth-rate.In addition, here it is traditionally accepted to spend as much time as possible working, sacrificing the personal life.

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With the high rate of business travel in millennials nowadays it only makes sense that some of our relations happen while we are abroad or across a few states even. Sex and relationships are a healthy part of our mental health. If we are socially and physically active with others we will perform better in the workplace anyways! Two birds, one stone type of situation. So use your dating app to the fullest and meet locals wherever you go. You will feel more fulfilled, cultured, and most importantly, satisfied.

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