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Challenges In Dating When You Are 30

I’m 30 And I Like It

Just because I am 30 doesn’t mean I am open to dating someone that is over 60! You would be surprised at the traffic women over 30 get from men that are much much much older. It is a funny thing that happens on your 30th birthday, you become eligible to date an entirely new group of people. Simply put, once you hit 30 you may be fending off men much older than you more times that you would like to admit.

People that are in their 30s are most likely set in their ways as well. Living alone for at least ten years will do that to you. So a challenge in dating when you are 30 is finding other peoples quirks or different ways of doing things as dealbreakers because you are so set in your ways. Finding the ability to be flexible with some of your habits can be a positive attribute to add to your repertoire as you get older in the the dating game.

A positive aspect of dating in your 30s is that you know what you want and you are in the sex prime of your life. Although you may have had to kiss a few frogs in your 20s you know what you like in a man or woman now that you have experienced the dating game. You are looking for something more serious and that should be easier to find now that you know what to spend your time on and who to leave behind.

Dating at any age can challenge you but the important part is that you have fun. Use your strengths to enjoy experiences that present themselves and live your life how you choose to.

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