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Challenges In Dating When You’re 20

I’m 20 And I Like It

Your 20s Have Stages

  • Early 20s

Similar to birth, individuals in their early 20s are figuring out how to navigate life on their own. They may still be living at home, working on their degree, choosing a career path and working a minimum wage job to get by. It is normal for all of this to occur at this time in your life because it is not possible to support yourself with such a job. Due to the fact that you are not in a position to pay rent anywhere you still share a house with your parents and probably live under their house rules depending on your relationship. This can cause some problems when you are trying to date but also become an individual and decide what direction you want to take in life. There is a lot going on for people in their early 20s and finding love just isn’t in the cards for most of them unless they find a lucky mate that matches up with the direction their life is going.

  • Mid 20s

No this is the time in your 20s where you have graduated by now, maybe you are out on your own in a house or apartment and you have a career or at least an idea of what career you want to have if you have not been lucky enough to achieve it yet. This is the prime age for hookups. Everyone is still focused on become a “person” and not necessarily thinking about bringing others into their life permanently. Again, there are the lucky few that may meet someone along the way at find love but for the majority of individuals in their mid 20s it is filled with a hookup culture and career focused.

  • Late 20s

You have hopefully reached about age 26 or 27 by now and you have a career, a house or apartment that you own or are serious about and you are comfortable in all aspects of your life so now you can finally stop the hookup apps and meet someone for real. You may meet a colleague at work that you are compatible with and date them for awhile or you meet someone a different way. By now you are still not ready for marriage but at least you have all your ducks in a row to start bringing someone else into the picture and complete your life. What a long and trying journey your 20s are! Honestly this is probably the most difficult time in your life because it is your formative decade for the rest of your life. Dating in your 20s is challenging and I will tell you more about why down below.

Casual Hookups

Career Focused

Social Media Availability

Lives With Parents

Dating Older Men or Women

Long story short, enjoy your 20s, figure out who you want to be and date who you want before you decide to settle down.

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