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Challenges Of Dating A Feminist

Splitting The Bill

Going into a date with a feminist paying the bill is a lose-lose situation. Assuming you should pay the bill will result in feelings of ownership. And assuming she wants to pay because she is a feminist is also wrong. You can’t win because everyone is different, feminists and all. All you need to do is simply communicate with her how you would like to split the bill and she should be happy to oblige.

Radical Ideologies

Just because a woman is a feminist does not mean she runs around burning bras and hating men. There are radicals in every group that exists, just like how some feminists are radicals, there are also radical Christians, or Radical Liberals. Don’t be afraid to date a feminist. Women just want to be pro-women and most feminists do that moderately.


Yes, I said it, shaving. A wave of feminists chose to not shave and confirm to womanly social norms as a form of protest. One size does not fit all though. You could meet a feminist that shaves from head to toe or you could meet one that let’s her bush grow because she doesn’t want to be categorized as a woman shaving herself to please a man. There are feminists that chose not to shave their armpits or legs but that will come down to personal preference.

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