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A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing

They live among us. The checkout clerk, the wall street banker, the stay at home mom, or the school teacher. Everyone hates a cheater but they are everywhere and they come in all different shapes and sizes. There are four categories that cheaters can be put into. I have broken it down for you with hopes that you can spot signs early so you don’t get screwed by one of these wolves.

The Married Cheater

If you see a mysterious white line where his ring finger is but the ring itself is lacking he is married and must have removed it for the date. Be smarter than the average woman and make sure to look for signs such as this. You would easily find his ring in his pocket because knowing men like this he slid it off right as he walked into the bar to meet you. Slease.

The Lying About Not Having Kids Cheater

When it comes to hookups it doesn’t matter if someone has kids or not because you are not their to be in their lives…just their bed. As far as long term or even short term serious relationships you need to know if someone has a kid. Kids take up such a huge part of your life that knowing whether someone has kids or not is key to the survival and future of the relationship.

The True Born Liar Cheater

There are a bunch of people who manipulate the information they get from you. I like to call them con artists but, you may know them as straight up liars. He will tell you that he loves puppies, kittens, kids, Chanel — whatever is needed to get you laid. Don’t be fooled, there is a rare chance that you may end up liking EVERYTHING that is the same.

The Business Trip Cheater

You will find him in hotel bars and pubs near congress centers. He’s a total newbie in the city, he will get up early to attend a meeting. He’ll be forcing sex and might be good in bed, but there are wife and kids waiting for him in another city so don’t make plans for him.

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