Check out HILY's Halloween Makeover!

Hily is ready for the spookiest night of the year!

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Take a look at our interactive Halloween-specific designs which create an atmosphere of mystery and help lonely souls feel like home :)

Now you won’t need witchcraft to come up with a perfect conversation starter, our new Halloween icebreakers will do the trick!

Want to impress your crush on Halloween? "Wyd" and "How are you" are classic, but for this occasion, you'll need special conversation starters, right? No worries, Hily's got your back! Check out the list of our Halloweeny ice breakers and choose something unique to express your interest!

To make our app look even more spooktacular, we’re replacing our usual screens with chilling pictures.

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But the main thing we’ve prepared for our users is a Halloween sale! Everybody gets 67% off the subscription price!

Get on Hily and check out all the treats we've prepared for you!

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