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Choosing A Non-Cheesy Pick-Up Line

Pick-Up Lines For Online Dating Apps That Actually Work

Dating is an art and part of that art is finding some pick-up lines that work without sounding like a complete cheese ball. They are out there, I promise. Here are a few options you can arm yourself with so when you try and break the ice on an online dating app you will not be left on the sidelines with your sorry excuses for a pick-up line.

Stand Out From The Others

Dating apps flood people’s inbox with so many messages and people so you need to stand out from all the others to merit a response. Why would someone respond to a simple, “hi” or “hey.” You will just get sent to junk mail and never hear from that person, most likely. You need to think of a witty, response-worthy introduction or pick-up line. For example, ask a silly question that is out there enough it makes the person tilt their head and respond because they just HAVE to talk to you.

“You seem chill, do you have all ten fingers though? I’ve been burned before…”- Anon User

Make Them Feel Something

Just like in school when you were learning to write a grippy essay for class. Your professor wanted to feel something and have you elicit emotion from your reader. The same idea can be said for proposing pick-up lines to people that you want to date. Make them feel something from your message and it will draw them in and connect you with hopes of a date in the near future.

“Just like the waves of the ocean bring a crashing sense of nostalgia to me about my childhood, your photo gives me a warmth that urges me to want more.”

These simple tips can help you transform your boring greeting on online dating apps into snappy come-ons that will leave them wanting more and will respond almost always! Happy Dating!

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