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Communicating To Make The Best Of Your Differences

Did you meet in line at the grocery, on an international dating app, or maybe you met while abroad on holiday. Whatever brought you two together doesn’t matter, it is how you cultivate the relationship that you now have. The only kink in it is that you are from two vastly different cultures. How do you do this? And what can you do to make the best of your differences?

Learn The Language

Take a bit of time to learn a few key phrases from your partner’s language. Just by engaging in pleasantries from his or her culture will bring you closer together and get you brownie points with the family. By learning a new language you are growing as a person while showing compassion for your partner’s culture. Learning the language will enrich both your life as well as your partner’s life.

Try The Cuisine

Everyone loves food. We all have to eat to survive, so why not eat something new and delicious. Regardless if your partner is traditional or not he or she has classic culturally related dishes that they may have eaten with their family growing up. Find a restaurant that serves their cultures dishes or learn to cook and make them yourself! That would really impress them!

Engage In The Conversation

Every country has their differences but it is important that you are aware of the politic promise or prowise that your partner’s culture has. You need to have a voice to speak on the many levels to show your support for your partner and his or her country. The best way to understand someone is to understand where they come from and how they were raised. If we can all come together then it will be a much better place to live.

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