Dating and Corporate Culture

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Two things that typically do not mix are work and play. But what if your job was all in for making your work life balance a bit more simple. Everyone is familiar with the dating app Tinder, a hookup app that connects locals with one another to have sex. Similar to that, Feeld is an app that is for threesomes. And if you work in the corporate sector you may be familiar with the program Slack, a group messaging application for colleagues. Well now there is a Slack integration for group sex between colleagues. As dreamy as some of your co-workers may be, this seems too good to be true. Sex between coworkers is frowned upon, as the saying goes “you never dip your pen in the company ink.” Although old school, and a bit vulgar the truth behind this phrase rings true. Things can get messy when coworkers sleep together. Not only is the company just asking for a sexual harassment suit, collaboration can be negatively affected if relationships have gotten awkward because the board member had a threesome last night.

I wonder though, are there any benefits to hooking up with colleagues? Maybe because when people are satisfied they are more productive. I’m not sure if a threesome with you, your cubicle mate and the copy boy is a good idea but everyone likes different things and Feeld is one of them. Controversy continues to rise because no one should tell someone they have a crush on them through a workplace chat room. In my opinion, it’s a cop out and a bit on the side of lame. Work apps are for work not sex. Feeld with Slack integration is just asking for a harassment issue mixing work and play like this. Now Slack integration with outlook or Trello is a much better use of time...because those applications are work related and increase productivity and promote fluid communication between employees. The workplace is no place for crushes to be revealed, save that for your off hours or company Christmas parties.

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