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Dating Services

“A dating agency is a business which acts as a service for matchmaking between potential couples, with a view toward romance and/or marriage between them.”


“66% of singles surveyed say chemistry is more important than compatibility. A computer can’t detect that.”

Online Dating

“4 out of 5 singles would be open to a kiss on a first date.”

Current Dating Trends

The Bad

The Good

As it seems, this generation of online daters enjoy kind men, that are intelligent and enjoy guacamole. I wonder what people dating twenty years ago would have to say about these specs. It is a pretty unlikely combination. Was guacamole even a thing in the 90s? Dating sure was but boy did it have its differences.

How The Concept Of Dating Has Changed

People always acted the way they do now, there were just different ways to categorize them. A playboy is what we now call a F***boy. Same thing, different name. I will also say that with the help of the internet, dating has changed in the sense that you have much more volume than people did back years ago. You can swipe across twenty different faces or profiles in an hour whereas before online dating you had to actually meet-up with twenty different people on twenty different occasions to do so. Nevertheless, the latest trends in dating are online dating apps. They are simple, cost effective and make for a good tool for those of us that want love but have little time to spend waiting at a bar to meet someone worth our time.

More and more people are also dating people of a different ethnicity than themselves. 1 in 6 to be exact. The reason for this is again, thank to the internet. You are able to meet people from different cultures and ethnicities because the world gets smaller with the internet and you do not just have to date the people that you live near and are in your dating bubble.

“There is a right way to enter into internet dating. It is important to have reasonable expectations; and it is important to accept the fact that you want to meet someone. Just as most other young men and women do.”

What’s Next?

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