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Deal Breakers Or Are You Just Picky?

What really grinds your gears? Are you looking for flaws as a reason not to commit? Typically when you think about a dating deal breaker it is a BIG issue such as smoking or an inactive lifestyle. Sometimes people are so set in their ways that even little quirks can be deal breakers. Living alone can be great for your independence but after awhile you get set in your ways and it may be difficult to accept others habits, even small ones.

  • Have “alone” days to reconnect with the you outside of your relationship
  • Let each other have your own space within the house that is off limits, a retreat of your own that he/she cannot touch.
  • Do not hover
  • Make sure you do not follow your partner everywhere, they need space just as much as you do.
  • Talk about the elephant in the room
  • “It bothers me when you floss your teeth on the couch.” Something you thought was a deal breaker may be easily resolved with a simple conversation.

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