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Does Horoscope Compatibility Matter?

The Stars Say “No” But Your Heart Says “Yes”

Love stories are written in the stars. For those of our readers that follow astrology, you are most likely dating someone that is compatible with your sign. But does that matter if you really want a relationship to work. Does horoscope compatibility actually play a factor in the success of your relationship? The answer will surprise you, horoscope does not affect your relationship unless you make your relationship around specific aspects of your horoscope and focus on your potential suitors as must being a “leo” or “gemini” because otherwise it won’t work with your sign. The sad part about this reality is you may be shutting out others that would suit you much better but their signs simply don’t add up.

- Rose Eveleth (writer & producer)

It all boils down to what you believe. Scientifically speaking, one sign is not more compatible with another sign and your marriage will not fail if you “marry the wrong sign.” However, if you are someone who believes astrology plays a factor in compatibility then it will affect it in the form of a self-fulfilling prophecy.

- John Gottman (marriage expert & author)

According to a dating and relationship expert Nancy Slotnick, you want to be with someone that is not just like you, you want to be with someone that challenges you and makes you a better person. Yes, it is nice to have common likes and values because you need to share some things in common. If you base your relationship solely on your likenesses if one person changes or wavers in some aspect of his or her life then your relationship will also change drastically.

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