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Failure Can Lead To Success

How Failure In Relationships Can Lead To Career Success

It is a rare occasion that we get the opportunity to use our failure for something positive. Take for example a failed relationship. When love fails we just hurt for awhile and let it be. Move on to the next eligible bachelor and repeat the process without much introspection. So what happens when we take a step back and reflect on the failed relationship rather than just jumping to a new one?

“That’s why it is better to have a relationship, whether it be an intimate, friendship, or business related relationship, and have it end, than not have that relationship at all.”

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Intimate relationships can teach us so much about life in general. Especially our work life. I suppose it makes sense that clearing one aspect of your life makes room for improvement in another. Success in the workplace comes with time and one of the perks of not dating anyone is spare time to focus on other goals and dreams, such as career ones. After every relationship people have changed because the person you were with leaves a mark with you.

“The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.”

Take a look at not only what went wrong in your relationship but what went right. You can find your strengths in your past relationships to use in the workplace. Not all bad things started that way, there is a silver lining. What went right? Bring what you did well in your failed relationship to create a successful career path for yourself. We can always learn from any experience that life throws our way. Whether it be love, work or otherwise. I hope you find success in it all.

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