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Family By Choice: Platonic Partnered Parenting

Online dating, online shopping, and now online families. We already know that families come in all shapes and sizes but lately you can form a family in the most unconventional of ways, on the internet. This idea of child rearing can be a dream for many but not all families fall into place the same way.

Coparenting is an opportunity for couples or non couples to raise a child in a partnership to create the best life that they can for the child or children.

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage; or so it goes. This is the traditional route that leads down the path to starting a family. But what if I told you that you don’t have to be married to have children…or in love and part of a romantic relationship at all. Fast-paced society and late-in life decisions leads to couples rushing to the altar in order to start a family because their biological clock is ticking. That is not the only way to start a family now. Coparenting is a healthy solution for singles that are looking to have children but do not want to do it alone.

Coparenting vs Traditional Marriage

Coparenting means two people that want children but are not a couple in the conventional sense of the word. They both want to raise a child but are not in a committed romantic relationship that will allow this to happen. There are avenues on the internet that you can meet potential “partners in parenting” and form a platonic partnership in order to get what you want without sacrificing your love life by settling or losing the opportunity to have children because you advanced in your career rather than your love life.

Not everyone finds love within the window of their childbearing years.

So why should they be left without the joy of becoming a parent simply because they are missing one of the traditional puzzle pieces? Coparenting is a wonderfully inventive revelation that is changing the way we look at families in the best way.

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