Feeling The Valentine's Day Pressure? You're Not Alone

In fact, almost half of the singles have tried to score a last-minute date just because they don't want to be alone on Valentine’s.

Most of us have a love-hate relationship with Valentine's day. For some — it's a great reminder of the importance of love and romance. Others may feel like they are the only people without a relationship.

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All the heart-shaped balloons and cards, couples showing their affection in public or jewelry ads on every corner might trick even super confident people into feeling lonely, we get it.

If you're single and are dealing with those feelings, be compassionate towards yourself: lots of people are on the same page with you.

To prove it, Hily asked 3 000 of its single users from the U.S. if they feel the pressure of Valentine's day. Here what they told us.

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42% of women and 47% of men struggled to find a date before Valentine's Day just because they didn't want to be alone.

Here's more: only 6% of our female users and 8% of our male users succeeded in it. It's not an easy job to get a compatible date right on time for the biggest love holiday of the year. We bet all the pressure doesn't make it easier.

Speaking of the pressure:

With Valentine’s Day approaching, 38% of men and 36% of women feel like they NEED to find a date.

One-third of those people report they feel extremely pressured into doing it.

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The great news is, that most of our users do believe in happy endings.

81% of men and 76% of women think they can build a serious relationship with someone who were supposed to be their one-time Valentine's date.

There's a huge chance that someone you thought was just a Valentine's fling can become a partner you've been dreaming of.

No matter if you're happily single or happily partnered, celebrating Valentine's or not, we wish you a great February 14th!

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