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Five Reasons NOT To Send A Dick Pic On A Dating App

  1. Get Yourself Banned

Dating apps are a great forum for conversation but there are a lot of rules to ensure the safety of users. Rules in which will get you banned for posting or sending explicit photos. As long as you are communicating through the online dating app and not an outside forum you will be monitored by the site. Keep it clean and everything will be fine. Sending or posting dick pics is a good way to get yourself banned from the dating site.

2. Ask Permission

Consent has been so blurred in the media as of late. There is nothing blurry about it. The process of consent is either a YES or NO. Do not send dick pictures to an unknowing woman. This is a form of sexual harassment. Do you really want to be “that guy” the guy that she tells all her friends mockingly about this expletive photograph. Is it size that matters anyways? How do you know you are her type.

3. Know Who You Are Sending It To

Ever heard of catfishing? How do you know your recipient is in fact a woman. HELLO, it is the internet. Anyone can pretend to be anyone. You think you are sending a picture to a hot 27 year old woman but in fact it is a catfisher, 50 year old man that is mocking you and your penis as we speak.

4. Blackmail Potential


Online dating has always been and still is a favorite platform for online scammers. The person you have sent your dickpic to may be collecting your dirty laundry and start blackmailing you as soon as they have your profile picture your dickpic. Are you ready to share it all with your Facebook friends? If not, think twice before sending.

5. You Aren’t Her First

Many men have sent the woman you are talking to dickpics. You aren’t her first and unfortunately not her last. When will men learn that showing a picture of your penis to a woman is not the way to her bed or her heart for that matter. It is just nasty and inconsiderate.

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