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How it affects long distance relationships

A person creates part of their reality in their heads they perceive part of what can be true. When the whole image is not visible then you must fill in the blanks with your own version of things. Expectations are built up no matter if you are dating online or in person. However, long distance relationships are purely over the internet and on phones so you have to depend on only verbal communication to talk with your significant other.

As for long distance dating great expectations happens very often. They build up reality from the structures, prototypes, and templates that are already in their head. The main reason this all happens is because in long distance relationships:

  • they talk less; schedules differ and that affects the amount of time that you get to talk with each other. Time differences can also hinder the amount of time that you get to have talking.
  • they lack non-verbals
  • they lack physical touch; Reiki is the act of touch. Touch is healing and has it’s own form of communication. It is very important to touch and embrace. With this element lacking it can be difficult to become intimate with someone online.
  • they might avoid tough topics
  • their passion evaporates faster
  • their appear more and more other seductions; the world around you becomes more seductive because you are aching for the touch of your love. Any passing person could trigger you to feel something even though it is just lust and not love.

Especially if you met online and your romance is exclusively online. Video chats have changed the way we communicate completely. Non-verbals are added and aside from human touch it is just as good as talking in person. If you have never met in person it’s almost impossible to guess the true intentions of a partner. Hopefully, the intentions are pure and you will get to embrace sooner rather than later.

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