Halloween Stats: What Costumes People Like and Are They Looking For Love At Parties

Halloween is almost here! Hily asked its users what their plans are for this magical night.

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Want to know which costume you should wear to be a hit of the Halloween party? Or how many people actually like dressing up for the holiday? Keep reading!

Almost 10 000 American users answered Hily’s questions. Here’s what we found out.

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Do you enjoy choosing your costumes, doing spooky make-up and going out like that in the public eye? If so, most people in the U.S. are with you! 58% of our male users and 63% of female users actually like dressing up and are planning to wear costumes on Halloween 2019.

If you’re a costume enthusiast you probably know what you’ll be wearing on Halloween night. Here’s some advice for people who hate halloweeny outfits but still want to be well-dressed for the occasion.

Funny costumes are on the top of the list — 47% of men and 33% of women prefer wearing those. The second place went to sexy costumes. 19% of men and 23% of women love them. Famous people or movie characters outfits are also relatively popular: 13% of male users and 18% of female users voted for those.

Couples’ costumes are more appreciated by women: only 4% of men like them.

The least popular are FOOD COSTUMES! Just imagine those poor people dressed up like giant pumpkins or hot dogs. We get it — only 1% of our users enjoy wearing them. Now you know what outfits to avoid this year (or any year for that matter).

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Have you wondered if a Halloween party is a good place to look for a girlfriend or a boyfriend?
Turns out, it actually is.

24% of women and twice as many men (50%) met someone they really liked at the Halloween party!

We hope this Halloween will be lucky for you!
Happy Halloween from Hily!

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