Happy Holidays From Hily! Our Team Shares The Warmth By Giving Away Relationship Advice

Our staff are just as diverse as our users, we have die-hard singles who are dating casually, hopeless romantics looking for true love and real experts in long-term relationships. This Christmas Eve, Hily team members that are usually behind the scenes came out of the shadows and burst into the spotlight with their tips and tricks when it comes to dating.

Everyone at our office knows a lot about dating. That’s right! Every day we talk to thousands of our users all around the globe, research and communicate with psychologists, and consult love and relationship coaches.

When it comes to dating in practice, our staff have a lot of ups and downs of their own. Here’s what some of them have realized after years of dating and working at Hily.

Don’t Overthink

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Diana (Influencer Marketing Manager) and Michael (Customer Support Coordinator)

Our influencer marketing manager Diana thinks there’s no sense in reading into signs or checking your date’s horoscope.

Don’t be afraid to jump into a relationship! You’ll understand if the person fits you along the way! Explore your options, don’t stick to just one type of people. You never know where you’ll find the right person!

Michael thinks dating someone is like eating a pizza: it’s impossible to know if it’s good until you give it a try.

It was really hard for me to start dating someone. Every time I met a guy, I was so worked up about what to say and how to make the conversation interesting. Then I decided to improvise and go with the flow.

Now I feel way more relaxed. Remember, it’s needless to psychoanalyze a horse.

Learn To Be Your Own Person Before You Get Into Dating

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Dem (Influencer Manager) and Vita (PR manager)

Hily’s influencer manager Dem says it’s really important to define what you can and can’t compromise in a relationship.

Dating should always be pleasant. I believe that’s the goal everyone should be pursuing.

The best way to achieve that is to listen to the person, pay attention to their needs, and show that you actually love them by acting, not just by saying beautiful words.

Our PR manager Vita believes people should never settle for less than they want and deserve.

I bet you know a lot of people who’d date anybody who’s just nice to them. Don’t do that! The right person is out there! Date someone who sees and tells you how unique you are. Don’t settle for anything less.

Give People Space They Need

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Julia (Support Team Lead) and Liubomyr (CPO)

Hily’s CPO Liubomyr has been in a long-term relationship for almost 3 years. Here’s what he says is the key to success:

The key to a long-lasting relationship is understanding and giving each other space. Have your own interests as well as common ones.

Julia, our support team lead has a few tricks up her sleeve when going on first dates, so here are a few of her top secrets:

1. Do not wear high heels and tight skirts if you are unsure about the location of the date or the plan. No need to be uncomfortable

2. Do not get drunk on the first date. Trust me — it will never end well!

3. When you’re saving someone’s phone number, always add a note where you know this person from. Then you will never mistake one Mike for another.

Well, now that you’re armed with great relationship advice from our staff — don’t forget to install Hily and find the person for you!

We wish you a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Happy Holidays from Hily!

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