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A Path Toward Healthy Relationships

Turn Toward Not Away

“When David needs Constantino, he must go to him and engage with him. Expressing a need requires some vulnerability because it means that you lack something or require help that your partner can supply.” -David and Constantino Khalaf, bloggers

Embrace Your Differing Genders

“Many wives may resist leaning into dependence as well, given feminist rejections of traditional gender roles that rely on dependence…women must assert their independence in the workplace and in other areas of life in order to break through the inequality that still exists among genders.” -David and Constantino Khalaf, bloggers

However, we should embrace the differences in each gender. Women and men both have strengths and weaknesses. There does not have to be woman’s work or man’s work but there should be an obvious weight on the individual that is better at certain aspects of the relationship so that you can work as a cohesive team. Everything is about communication and teamwork.

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