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What Are Hearts?

Gamification of apps is the latest thing, so why not gamify dating apps as well. By applying game strategies to our online dating app it draws people to keep up with the app and find love in the mean times! The way things work here are similar to arcade points. Arcade machines do not accept regular currency that you would use at the store; you have to exchange money for coins or tickets in order to play arcade games. Hearts are very similar to that. You can earn hearts or your can buy hearts. Hearts give you the ability to “unlock” things within the app or open new opportunities with someone you otherwise would have to wait days for.

How To Use Hearts On Hily

Online dating can get you feeling a little restless sometimes. That is what the “hearts” on Hily are for. If you message someone and they do not reply soon enough then you can use “hearts” to buy another message to them. Another great use for “hearts” on Hily is to get more features. Because this is a free app there is a certain amount of rules and to talk with someone you must have mutual likes. If you have enough hearts that is not an issue! You can use your hearts to chat with someone that you do not have a match with. Rather than give everyone unlimited access we have you watch ads or buy them in order to maintain positive traffic on our app.

Collection and Activation Of Hearts

As I stated above hearts are Hily in-app currency you use additional features if you have hearts. For example, you can use paid features if you have enough hearts the list of paid features:

  • Unblur — you can unblur your incoming likes which are naturally hidden from you (15 hearts)
  • Rollback — you can undo your left swipe. Rollback appears if you were liked by the user and you come across that profile in Finder (10 hearts)
  • Profile boost — gives you 5 times more shows in Finder, so you get more likes and mutual likes (150 hearts)
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