Hily: key reasons behind the app’s success

Today Hily is fleetly expanding geographically. The app entered the UK on March 9 and immediately made it to Top 1 dating app in the country. Now Hily is ready to launch in Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and France. Its successful and quick enlargement hints that the app soon is going to be worldwide!

Hily was launched in Summer 2017 in the US and became one of the fastest growing dating applications within just a year after its launch. During this period, Hily became one of the favorite dating apps among the American audience. A range of global editions, such as Huffington Post, Forbes, and TechCrunch placed Hily in their ratings of the best dating apps. Most of Hily’s users joined the app not only with the purpose to find a partner but to have a nice chat with someone who shares the same interests and values.

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The main reason for the app’s success was, undoubtedly, a prioritized goal to match as perfectly as dating app possibly could, having in mind users’ preferences and interests. With this purpose, Hily’s developers created a smart matching machine algorithm. As a result, people could find a perfect match easier than on the other dating apps and significantly improve the conversion rate to the mutual dialogues in the app. Consequently, Hily became much more than a dating application. Nowadays, the app’s users do not only look for a partner on the platform, but also chat, share their opinions, and views with other people on Hily.

After analyzing the dating industry, Hily’s developers realized that safety and security was something that most dating apps failed to provide. This issue seemed to be a massive problem for those who wanted to interact online without being afraid of fake accounts and information leakage. Thus, prioritizing security was the second main prerequisite of Hily’s success. Nowadays, the app has a two-stages verification procedure which is in a constant process of improvement. Furthermore, Hily automatically checks any abusive content to prevent any hate speech that could worsen the users’ experience on the app. As a result, Hily earned the trust and respect of its users.

Another critical issue the app paid a lot of attention to was the importance of staying in constant contact with its users. Hily established a friendly support team, which is available 24/7 through a chat in the app, and is always ready to discuss any questions and inquiries a user may have. In addition to this, now Hily is creating a new option for the users to propose features they wish to have in the app. The developers are planning to discuss all the proposals and include some of them in the future app updates. With such developers-users relations, Hily received an opportunity to stay in a constant development process and meet the highest expectations of its users.

Despite the already achieved results, the Hily’s developers are still working every day to make it a perfect place for people to meet and chat. In all of the features, they focus on users and their preferences. This, in turn, makes the app always ready to change for the better.

Download the app here and explore it yourself!

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