HILY Lands In Latin America

Today the smartest dating app became available in Argentina and Mexico.

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On September 14th Hily is entering a new continent. The rollout begins with two countries — Argentina and Mexico.

In two weeks Hily's planning to expand to the rest of the continent entering Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru and all the other Latin American countries.

The app has been localized into Portuguese and Spanish languages.

“We are aware of the challenges that we may face launching Hily in Latin America. However, we analyzed the market, and we do believe that our app can impress the users there.

Our goal is to deliver an easy-to-use and effective matchmaking app, to help South American users find the right person as fast as possible,” shares Hily’s founder Alex Pasykov.

Hily’s now focused on exploring the international market. Over the summer, the Las Vegas-based app launched in France, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The company is also getting ready to enter other European markets.

July was a very rewarding month for Hily. According to the reports, Hily became the in the U.S. and the 7th one in the world. In addition, Hily is the 4th on the list of the most downloaded dating apps in the U.S.

With all this, over the last three month, Hily added more than a million new users, climbing over a 6-million point.

You can download Hily on and .

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