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Hily — a dating platform you can finally trust

Enjoyable can only be born relationships are born in the atmosphere of trust. Therefore we at Hily app are committed to the creation of the atmosphere of trust, mental comfort, and safety. We work passionately on ensuring you can enjoy communicating with people you find interesting without overthinking your safety.

You might be wondering what exactly makes Hily so safe? We are more than eager to reveal our secrets. Our top-three security features are:

  • Moderation during registration. Every user has to take a picture in a specific pose to be approved during registration. This way we know the user isn’t a catfish or bot. As a result, you can be sure there will be no annoying surprises on a first date.
  • “Verified” badge. New users have to confirm their email, picture and facebook profile to get the badge.
  • Messages moderation. Our algorithm checks all the photos and messages to block any offensive, abusive or spam content. No more unwelcome photos or harassing messages.

Also, if all of this is still not safe enough for you, we developed an extra-safe feature available for Hily Elixir users — incognito mode, where your profile can only be seen by those whom you liked or messaged. Total privacy!

Feeling convinced about your online dating safety yet? Whether it is yes or no, log in now and check out Hily’s magic features yourself!

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The smartest dating app there is, Hily caters to those tired of endless swiping. On Medium we're gladly sharing our expertise in dating.

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