HILY Stats: Why Do People Date Someone They're Not Into?

And how many of them end up in a relationship?

Instant spark is not always a guarantee that the date will go well. Last month Hily asked its 10 000 users if they'd go on a date with someone they don't have instant chemistry with.
Here what they answered.

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51% of women and 60% of men have been on a date with someone they were not that into.

Others write people off unless they feel an instant attraction. Although attraction is important to most of our users, "feeling it" is not the only reason they date.

Fear Of Saying NO

According to our poll, it's a second popular reason (after chemistry) with both men and women. 17% of our users dated people they didn't like because they couldn't turn them down.

To Broaden Dating Horizons

After some time of dating, people tend to develop their "type". 21% of men and 13% of women wanted to break the pattern and went on a date with someone just because they were beyond their usual dating circle.

To Get Back Into The Game

It's hard to get back into dating after a long break. 13% of our users decided to go on a date with someone just to return to the dating world and start meeting new people.

Nothing To Do

Dating can be really fun. If your evenings are not that busy and you're feeling bored, dating is a great way of putting some action into your life. 9% of men and 8% of women went on a date because they had nothing to do.

10% of women and twice as many men actually ended up in a relationship with people they didn’t have an initial spark with.

72% of male users and 67% of female users thought the date was okay but didn't want the next one.

8% of men and 23% of women hated their dates with people they were not that into.

Have you ever dated people you were not attracted to right away? How did it end (or didn't?). Share your story with us at hily@hily.com

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