Hily Teams Up With Wonderland Mag For Mini-Series About Love

Hily sponsored inspiring content about modern love, lust and dating and everything in between.

Hily dating app announces its new partnership with Wonderland Magazine. Two brands teamed up to create a mini-series of videos called “The New Romantics”.

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With this series, Wonderland aims to provoke an interesting discussion about modern romance, the way it interacts with creativity, and how lifestyle intertwines with romantic life.

“We hope that this mini-series can give an interesting and inspiring insight into the daily lives of some of the people we feel are killing it right now creatively, and who truly are part of today’s school of new romantics”, the Wonderland team says.

Five videos feature Wonderland’s favorite young creatives talking about how they perceive modern romance. Young people from creative fields like fashion, music, and cinematography talk about what love means to them, explain how they see modern romance and even give relationship advice based on their own experience.

“The instant spark is the sign that you should go for it but at the same time love happens really gradually”, says a 21-year-old model Emily O’Donnel who’s featuring in the first video.

Emily was raised in Milan and moved to London at 17 to enroll in the prestigious University of the Arts London institution achieving a diploma in Creative Direction. With a millennial knack for juggling ventures, O’Donnell is outspoken about the importance of achieving creative success on many fronts and is the epitome of the young creative energy London has right now.

New videos are coming out every Friday on the Wonderland website and on Hily’s Youtube channel starting March 27th.

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