HILY's Coming To Europe, Destination Germany!

HILY continues its European expansion! After its first mainland European country — France, the smartest dating app became available in Germany! The release happened on July 27th.

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HILY is set to put an end to the endless swiping. The app's algorithms help to find a person who's really into you, within as long as 15 minutes (we did count!). Check out our previous study.

We at HILY believe that geolocation is not enough to find a compatible partner. That's why HILY pairs its users up according to their interests and lifestyles. One thing you should do is fill out your profile, and our system will do the rest!

HILY is now available in German both on the AppStore and GooglePlay.

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The smartest dating app there is, Hily caters to those tired of endless swiping. On Medium we're gladly sharing our expertise in dating.

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