How Many People Bring Condoms On a First Date?

Hily asked its users if they go ‘prepared’ for their first date.

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We never know where our date is going to lead us. Some are totally against sex on a first date, some are way more liberal. Others date just to have sex. Anyway, it’s always good to be prepared for anything life throws at you, right?

We at Hily asked our 10 000 actively dating single users if they bring condoms on a first date. We also wanted to know their motivation. The results were pretty interesting. Take a look for yourself.

People Who Bring Condoms

Men are more likely to go ‘fully armed’ than women. 58% of our male users ALWAYS carry condoms with them just to be prepared. 26% of women do the same.

The other 25% of men and 23% of women also bring protection but for a different reason: they actually expect things to go beyond first base.

The remaining 17% of guys never bring condoms. For women, this number triples. 51% of them don’t carry contraception at all.

People Who Don't Bring Condoms

72% of women, who go empty-handed, don’t want to have sex at all during their first in-person encounter with a match. As for men, this number is significantly lower — 27%.

53% of male users are sure: if they need a condom, they’ll find one. So they don’t bring contraception on a first date.

One more, somewhat of an unpopular reason for not bringing condoms, is shifting responsibility. Only 12% of women and 10% of men assume their date will have a condom.

Most of our users are okay with their date bringing protection.

94% of men and 66% of women actually find it responsible.

However, there were quite a few that presume their online date doesn’t consider them as a serious partner if they have a condom in the pocket.

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