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How To Catch A “Catfish” While Online Dating

What To Look For And How To Stop It

If you have used the internet at all in the last few years you are familiar with the term “catfish.” A catfish is someone that pretends to be someone that they are not on the internet, specifically on online dating forums. Being catfished has become such an epidemic that we need to shed light on the subject to make audiences aware of internet scammers, what to look for and how to stop them.

Asking For Money

One of the biggest tells of a catfisher is if they ask for money. If you are part of an online dating community your goals should line up with the people that you are talking too. You are not there to give money to someone “in need,” you are there to meet someone and fall in love. No part of that should be exchanging goods or services. Just healthy conversation.

Too Good To Be True

Their pictures are flawless, almost too flawless. The perfect model, stock photos are another dead giveaway for fraud. A profile picture of a catfisher is a photo that is not of them that they have taken from a stock photo website or stolen from the internet. Be aware of what their profile looks like to have your guard up about their life as to whether it may seem too good to be true as well.

Life Trauma

The theatrics of life will seem overly dramatic and trauma filled. Maybe they have overcome a tragic car accident, childhood trauma, or illness. This is how catfishes elicit sympathy from you and gain your trust.

No Webcam Or Photos

There is no one in 2018 that is on a dating site that should not have a webcam or recent photographs. Do not trust anyone that cannot Skype call with you or send you current photos. This is a red flag that the person you are talking to is not who they say they are.

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