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How To Compromise With Your Spouse

Communicate Your Wants And Needs

A key concept in compromise is communication. Not only to you need to voice your wants and needs to your spouse, you must listen to their wants and needs as well. A good way to communicate your wants and needs is through “I” messages. “I” messages are a non-accusatory way to express how things make you feel without making others upset in the process. An example would be “I feel hurt when you suggest we eat at a restaurant I do not like.”

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This idea of a compromise is to make both parties happy. In order for that to happen you need to have fairness in mind when you are making decisions. Do all things with kindness and consider the feelings and opinions of your spouse. Never assume what you think your spouse deems is fair because you are not them and the only way to consider what is fair is to talk with them about what their feelings are on a certain subject.

By considering another person’s feelings and putting yourself in their position for the dispute you can better understand why they may want the things that they want. A compromise can work best when you are thinking like the other person. Approach all decisions with an open heart and with your partner in mind.

A compromise is a decision that you make together that is not your first choice nor your partner’s first choice but it is a choice that gets both of you some of what you want. Marriage is full of opportunities to compromise and if you take the proper steps to communicate and consider each other’s feelings then you will have a good life together.

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