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How To Deal With An Extra Jealous Partner

…Without Breaking Up

Regardless of the subject matter, the most important quality that you must possess for a proper and healthy relationship is good communication. Being able to talk out all of your thoughts and feelings with the person that you care for the most is imperative to the success of your relationship. However, a subject may arise in your lives that is less than desirable to talk about because it is sensitive. The thought of your partner leaving you for another is one of those fears. Most of the thoughts that involve infidelity are rooted with the emotion of jealousy. There are a few steps you can take to avoid hurting anyone’s feelings or ending the relationship completely to chat about your partner’s extra jealous tendencies and how they affect the relationship as a whole.

Talk It Out

Take the time to sit down with your partner and acknowledge their feelings of jealousy. Recognize them and let them be heard so they don’t feel like they are driving themselves crazy. Just the act of saying their fears and anxieties out loud to you will make them feel better.

Don’t Get Defensive

Your partner is already feeling vulnerable and anxious so when you talk about their fears so not get defensive and aggressive. That will just add to their fears and pile onto the jealousy creating a monster that need not exist.

Show Extra Affection

Be caring and thoughtful when you are discussing your partner’s jealous tendencies. Be extra affectionate, hold their hand, kiss their cheek, maybe even hold their shoulder or cuddle while you are talking it all out. Anything to show that you are physically and emotionally available right now while they are speaking.

Make Attainable Boundaries

After your conversation has ended and all the facts are laid out on the table, take a moment to create boundaries for you and your partner so that each of you can be your own person but there is no mystery of where you are so that you can live your lives without extra jealousy.

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