How To Get a Match in 15 minutes. HILY Reveals Results of Its First Study

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HILY shares tips on how to get a match in 15 minutes or less! The premier dating app HILY releases its first-ever study on what factors actually impact the users’ chances of finding a match.

Hily pairs its users using a complex algorithm involving multiple aspects not just geolocation. By asking the users’ about their likes HILY can actually give them in Finder exactly what they are looking for.

Regardless of how smart HILY’s algorithms are they’re hopeless without you! (duh!) We’ve put together a list of things you can and should do in order for HILY to find the best match!

Trust us, it’s in your and our best interest to break the cycle of swiping on and on and on. So, our team spent endless hours researching this matter and guess what? We have the solution! Follow our advice to find the one in 15 minutes or less!

    C’mon, people want to see what you look like in the daylight. We know for a fact that posting more than one picture will increase your chances of getting a match by 20 %
    Yes, you’ve gotta put some work into it! We’re not just saying it, we know it! Sharing more info about yourself will double your shots of scoring a date.
    It’s actually pretty simple! In order to be liked, you have to like people back. If you expect others to learn about you — learn about them first, read their bio, like their pics, watch their stories.
    If you swipe right on 10 or more users you’re 7 times more likely to get matched up with the right person.

Playing by the rules and putting a bit of effort will take you a long way on HILY and obviously will lead you to the right person a lot sooner.


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